Flower Maker's Tale First Performance

"Bullard's artificials..."

"Bullard's artificials..."

The Flower Maker's Tale, a play inspired in part by our old family flower making business, was performed for the first time on 30th June, 2018, at Mirth, Marvel and Maud (the former Granada Cinema in Walthamstow, now a bar and live venue).

"You going to sit there all night?"
"Tools of the trade."

The script that finally saw the light of day is the latest in a succession of complete rewrites and countless new versions produced since I began work on the idea around five years ago. Now a one-person play, this final script was developed for performance by actor Louise Bloor and director Emma Romy-Jones. While rehearsing the piece they honed the script down to a workable length, tightening and improving it considerably along the way.

These photographs were taken during the full dress run before the public performance, as part of From The Forest, a new fringe theatre festival in Waltham Forest, London. The photos are by Jo Bloor. The captions are quotes from the play.

To find my other blogs about this play, and about flower making generally, use the tag #flower making

"Tongue like the bottom of a parrot's cage."
"You from the Women's Social and Political?"

"But this ain't mine."

"Give her some cake, Gertie."
"I put the bomb down on the ground..."
"Mice? Yes? No?"
"...with a lump behind my left ear the size of a goose egg."
"Bunch these leaves then make a start on some sprays."
"Nice and calm, everybody."

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