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Books from Barrington Stoke

Barrington Stoke is a publishing house that specialise in short, fast-paced, high-interest books. They're aimed initially at dyslexic and struggling readers, but the stories are so good they could be enjoyed by anyone. Thomas Bloor's first books for Barrington Stoke were published in 2008.

The Dragon and the Warlord (New!)

By Thomas Bloor.

Based on the Chinese folk story THE DRAGON'S PEARL, this book tells how young Sheng's fight against the evil warlord who killed his father will change his life forever.

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Bomber Boys (New!)

By Thomas Bloor.

By the last years of the Second World War RAF Lancaster bomber crews were often as young as 18 or 19. BOMBER BOYS tells the story of one such crew as they prepare to fly out on their fatal last mission.

"Well researched and deftly characterized"
- James Lovegrove in The Financial Times