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Beast beneath the Skin

By Thomas Bloor.
Published 6th July, 2006 by Faber Children's Books

The continuing story of Sam Lim-Evans, a fourteen-year-old in the grip of a terrible transformation. Half-boy, half-scaly-winged dragon, Sam tries desperately to cling on to his fading humanity, with near-disastrous results. But even hiding out in the depths of rural Ireland, Sam cannot escape the attentions of a sinister and powerful enemy.

When people close to him start to disappear, the wheels are set in motion for a confrontation that will end with fire and destruction in a remote medieval church in the English countryside. The action swings from the south of Ireland to Bosnia, from North Wales to East London, and the story shifts in time from 1987 to the present day in this exciting follow-up to Worm in the Blood.


"A true fairy tale written in the modern world of cellphones, cars, and with a dash of dragon in it, you won't put this down until you're done…. Thomas Bloor is a contemporary minstrel, carving emotion into his pages and colouring his words so artfully that you are left with a picture in your mind to return to."
Sheana Campbell -

"Simply and stylishly written" - TELEGRAPH online

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