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The Memory Prisoner

By Thomas Bloor.
Published by Hodder Children's Books

"Maddie had not left the house for thirteen years. Not once" So begins the curious tale of The Memory Prisoner, by Thomas Bloor, a novel for 9 to 12 year olds, which won the Fidler Award 1999, a prize for new writers of children's fiction.

The Memory Prisoner is the story of a town in the grip of a power crazed librarian, and of the unlikely heroes, Maddie, an overweight, housebound teenaged girl, and her mouse-like brother Keith, who emerge from the sidelines of society to save the day.


"a dark fantasy, reminiscent of Mervyn Peake."
Anne Johnstone
The Glasgow Herald

"Bloor never wastes a word communicating his nightmare, contriving all at once to be moving, alarming and funny."
Jan Mark
The Times Educational Supplement.

"a subversive, funny and imaginative book with an unlikely heroine."
Kit Spring
The Observer

"Bloor is to be congratulated on creating a genuine heroine, stout in courage as well as size."
Nicholas Tucker
The Independent

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