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The Factory of Shadows

By Thomas Bloor.
Published in May 2002 by Hodder Children's Books

They live in a disused factory, Heppie, Hitch and their dreamer father Mo. But when their landlord dies, everything changes. Secrets that have lain buried for a generation start to emerge from the shadows of the past to threaten the family.

Who is following Heppie and her brother, leaving a trail of wet footprints? What is the true identity of the so-called "maniac" being hunted by the fearsome Commander Holt and his men? Heppie and Hitch brace themselves to find out.


"A riotious phantasmagoria with a Hitchcockian climax."
Jan Mark. CAROUSEL Spring 2002

"Taut descriptive writing and plenty of nail-chomping suspense."
Anne Johnstone. THE HERALD December 2001

"Thomas Bloor has produced another surreal, blackly comic adventure with wonderfully eccentric characters."
Kit Spring. THE OBSERVER December 2001

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