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Blood Willow

By Thomas Bloor.
Published in May 2003 by Hodder Children's Books

The birds were bright white, with pale grey wings, which they held straight as they sliced through the air, giving them the look of small, silent aircraft. Their heads were capped with jet-black feathers, their long, sharp-looking bills were crimson, tipped with black, and their yellow eyes glittered with unblinking malevolence.

Savage sea birds, a bizarre funeral service for a dead leopard, and what exactly is the sinister custom they call the wicketing? Rosh and Jack face all this and more when they find themselves washed up on the mist-shrouded shores of the Blood Willow island.


Rosh and Jack's journey (physical and mental) is anything but boring! This story will certainly appeal to all age ranges.
Rhian Tracey, Write Away website-summer 2003

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