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About The Author

Photograph of the author, Thomas Bloor.Thomas Bloor spent years trying to write novels but could never get beyond the first couple of chapters. It wasn't until he was in his late 30s that he decided to try his hand at writing children's fiction and found he was able to produce a finished manuscript. But in the meantime he'd taken a degree in fine art, got married and started a family, helped set up and run a local art gallery (The Changing Room Gallery in Walthamstow) worked as a school librarian, an art technician, an artificial flower maker and a special needs assistant in a primary school as well as writing songs and playing in the band The Rare Bones.

In recent years, as well as writing novels for the 9+ age range, he has also written two full-length original film scripts, has taught in adult education, teaching classes in creative writing and how to write for children at Morley College, Lambeth and in Waltham Forest, and has worked as a reader for a literary consultancy. He has also given talks, gone on author visits and run workshops in schools, at book festivals and to writer's circles.


Winner of the FIDLER AWARD 1999 with The Memory Prisoner

Winner of the STOCKTON CHILDREN'S BOOK OF THE YEAR 2003 with The House of Eyes

Winner of the CALDERDALE CHILDREN'S BOOOK OF THE YEAR (Teenage category) 2006, with Worm In The Blood

Short-listed for the BOLTON CHILDREN'S BOOOK OF THE YEAR 2006 with Worm In The Blood

Short-listed for the HIGHLAND CHILDREN'S BOOOK OF THE YEAR 2006 with Worm In The Blood

Not to be confused with...

There is another writer called Thomas Bloor, an academic who writes books on linguistics, often with his wife Merial. Some American websites also seem to have confused Thomas Bloor with Edward Bloor, author of a book called Tangerine.

Bloor is an old Anglo-Saxon name that literally translates as 'swollen blister'.